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Underground Recording Studios has been designed for a versatile and enjoyable recording experience. Our sole aim is to achieve and surpass the results your project demands. We understand the importance of nurturing and capturing a great performance and have made sure we have the ideal facility to do so.

We’ve invested a lot in making sure our rooms sound second-to-none. Our large, 3.6m high live-room is perfect for capturing huge drum sounds, spacious guitars, ethereal group vocals and ensembles. Our isolation room, designed for a drier, more controlled sound, is incredible for fat funk drums, vocals and amplifiers.

Underground is also the ideal space for walk-in engineers and producers. Between a world-class array of equipment and a rock-solid workflow and layout, ‘transition time’ is non-existent. Our meticulously treated control room serves as the perfect critical listening environment.

As musicians themselves, studio owners, Mark McEwen and Brody Simpson have been a part of the local industry for over a decade. Brody, an accomplished session drummer, is also on hand to play a diverse range of musical styles as well as provide all the drum tech support you’ll need.

At Underground we believe in supporting the local industry and its musicians, so please feel free to contact us regarding a package deal for your project.